4 continents            20 Stops

Sailing with Sustainability

Sailing For
A Cause

Please support us in raising awareness for the major environmental challenges we face.

All surplus proceeds will be donated to Charity partners who align with our mission.

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The challenge starts on
September 19th, 2024, in Seville,

We aim to be fully self-sufficient
with our power.

Planned finish

Our voyage is planned to last
around 18 months in total.

Heading back to where it all
That’s if we make it…

Our Route

Picturesque yet challenging.

As we explore 4 continents and cover 42,000 miles, we’ll be exposed to all
weather and environments.

Leaving Spain, we’ll head across the
Atlantic, towards South America, and then
West towards Asia.

The return leg will see us pass by
Africa and emerge, hopefully
victorious out the other side as we
head back to Spain.

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Live Position

See how our voyage is
progressing, with longitude & latitude positioning.

Power generation

Check our power usage and
production throughout the day.

Speed and conditions

Monitor the weather where we
are and how are sailing is going.

our power


Harnessing the power of the sun to
fuel our motors during the day.


Wind will fill our sails and power us


Excess power generated will be
stored in batteries for when needed.

Latest News

Michal sees out a storm

Rough seas and strong winds are
commonplace for us to deal with. This

article shows the methods we use to
get through them.

The beauty of sunrises

One of the best things about being out
at sea, apart from the dark skies, is the
stunning sun scapes we get to see, in
this spot we discuss.

Hope at the end of the rainbow

No gold has been found yet… as a
trained diver, I am always optimistic
about what we may discover along our
journey when circumnavigating the globe.

see what we're up to

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